Visa & Immigration services

Our team of specialists can assist you with visa requirements to embark, disembark or change ship to ensure your immigration status is up to date. Crew nationality, ship's flag state, operation area and time scale all have a combined role when it comes to the liberty of circulation of each crew member.


  • Schengen short stay visa
  • Schengen long stay visa
  • Visa upon arrival
  • Transit visa
  • B1/B2
  • Ship to ship

 Please note that we need to request immigration intervention min. 5 working days prior for both stamps and visas for any crew change.


Nice: Boats berthed or at anchor between Eze and Mandelieu.

Menton: Boats berthed or at anchor between Menton and Cap D'Ail.

Toulon:  Boats berthed or at anchor between Fréjus and St Cyr


These immigration offices require the physical presence of the seafarer for all interventions. 


Stamp in & out Schengen area to keep the visa credit

Procedure for Stamps are same that for Visa.

We need to have the request in advance.

we handle the formalities

  • Worldwide embassies
  • Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
  • Insurance
  • Seaman fare tickets